Cosplaying Mokke Vinyl Sticker Sheet

Cosplaying Mokke Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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Cosplaying Mokke Vinyl Sticker Sheet!

The specifications are:

  • 3"x4"
  • 6 Kiss Cut stickers (~1" - 1.5" ea)
  • Glossy Vinyl
  • Waterproof

These are weatherproof and scratch proof to an extent. Please don’t put them on any surfaces that come in contact with water a lot like car bumpers :)

Please note that the cuts may not perfectly aligned. There may be a little more of a white border on one side than the other.


Disclaimer: This item is fandom-inspired. I do not own the rights to any o the anime/manga/movies/games/any medium regarding this series, etc. This is merch inspired by the series, designed and drawn by me.