DAY VERSION Gambler’s Den Spinning Pin

DAY VERSION Gambler’s Den Spinning Pin

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The pin specifications are:

  • Top Pin: ~2.5"
  • Bottom Pin: ~3"
  • 3 Pinback with 3 Rubber Clutch
  • Gold Plated
  • Hard Enamel
  • Top pin spins

Choice explanation:

- Normal Ungraded: Pin spins, general ungraded P4P pin. This is the grade that preorders receive. Note that pin posts may still be wobbly, but not as wobbly as the discounted grade.

- All pin posts very wobbly: The pin still spins well, but all 3 pin posts are very wobbly to the point that they might be a bit fragile. These pins are discounted slightly due to that. I would only recommend buying if you are planning on just displaying or storing then. I would not recommend putting on bags.

When purchasing this pin, you are agreeing to all the guidelines for pin grading. 

Please note that this set is P4P (Pay for production) and they are NOT be graded. By purchasing this set, you have agreed to my P4P policy

I do NOT condone reselling these at a higher price.

Disclaimer: This item is fandom-inspired. I do not own the rights to any of the cartoons/comics/movies/games/characters/etc. regarding this series. This is merch inspired by the series, designed and drawn by me.