Xiao Yaksha Collar Pin

Xiao Yaksha Collar Pin

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Xiao Yaksha Collar Pin!

Why a detachable chain? A detachable chain makes it easy to display these pins in different styles both with and without the chain. It also makes it easy to mix and match these pins as well! This means that you can buy individual pins to pair up the ones that you already have :)

Each set comes with 2 enamel pins and a detachable chain! The gold chain is approx. 3" long. 

Collar Set information:

  • All sets come with a 3" chain

The large pin specification is:

  • 1.4"
  • 2 Pinbacks with 2 Rubber Clutches
  • Hard Enamel

    The object (small) pin specification is:

    • 1"
    • 1 Pinbacks with 1 Rubber Clutch
    • Hard Enamel

    Please refer to the pin grading guidelines for more information on grading! 

    When purchasing this pin, you are agreeing to all the guidelines for pin grading. 

    Please note that all pins are handmade, therefore no pins are flawless. A grade pins may contain small defects that are not very noticeable.

    Disclaimer: This item is fandom-inspired. I do not own the rights to any of the cartoons/comics/movies/games/characters/etc. regarding this series. This is merch inspired by the series, designed and drawn by me.