P4P FAQ/Policy

If you are getting a P4P item from me, you have agreed to the following policy:

1. P4P pins are ungraded. You can expect any grade (A grade - seconds) when purchasing this product. 

2. There will be no returns or exchanges given. All sales are final. If there is a problem with your order, feel free to reach out!

3. You may not resell these items for profit. It is ok to sell for the price you paid with + shipping, but that is it.

4. All items that are labelled as P4P in the description are P4P. You can assume that any items that are not labelled (i.e. stickers) as not P4P. 


What is P4P?

P4P stands for "pay for production". The big idea for this is that no profit is made when selling the item and that the creator only charges the cost for creating that said product.


Will you restock P4P pins?

If the listing is still available on my website, you can assume that I will be restocking them. However, I can't guarantee when they will be restocked as they are P4P, and I prioritize ordering my other projects before reordering any P4P goods.

I do not accept custom orders or personal requests.


What is included in the price of your P4P projects?

Prices are calculated with manufacturing costs (pins, pin molds, backing cards, etc.), shipping from the manufacturer to my address, packing supplies, PayPal and/or Shopify fees and my labor costs (i.e. putting pins on the cards, making the chains (yes, I do that myself), etc.)

Note that I usually only get P4P products with the MOQ (i.e. 50 for pins), which makes my projects pricier than others. 

 Thanks for reading! Feel free to dm me with any questions :)