Will you restock (insert item here)?

If you do not see the item on this site or the item is listed as "NO RESTOCKS", then it will not be restocked. I do not take custom orders and will not restock these items if requested.

If the item is sold out, but does not have the "NO RESTOCKS" label in the title, it could potentially be restocked. This does not mean that it will be restocked, but there may be a possibility that I will bring it back for a future shop update.

Do you ship to (insert country here)?

We ship anywhere for flat products via letter mail (stickers and prints).

If my shop does not register your address and/or country when you checkout, we probably don't ship to your country. :(

Due to new laws in Germany, we do not ship to Germany.

We currently do not ship to the UK due to the new 2021 VAT laws, but you can buy my products on my Etsy. Please use the code "UKBUY10" for 10% off on my Etsy to account for the price offset. 

There may be some items here that are not on my Etsy. Please send me a dm over Instagram (@tsuchronicl) or email me at support@tsuchronicl.com for me to create a custom listing for you to buy. :) 

Some countries that we don't ship to are: Germany, United Kingdom, India, Oman, Maldives, etc mainly due to laws or having multiple negative experiences of items not arriving.

Where are you based? 
Seattle, WA, USA!

What is your return and exchange policy? 
All sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges.

Please read the item specifications before purchasing any products.

If your order is damaged/missing or if you have any grievances involving your order, please contact me at support@tsuchronicl.com with your full name, order number and photo(s) if applicable. We will try our best to sort it out ASAP!

Can I cancel my order?

If we have not shipped your order, we can cancel it for you! Just email us with your order number and name at support@tsuchronicl.com.

Please note that emailing us does not mean that your order will be cancelled as many orders are packed and shipped the same day to ensure that your order gets to you quickly.

Can you combine shipping? 

Yes! As long as I haven't shipped your order and your next order ships to the same address, I'm happy to combine shipping! Please email me with both of your order numbers and I will gladly refund shipping if applicable. 

I inputted my address wrong, what should I do?

Please contact me ASAP with your name, order number and the corrected address. The address change may not be applied to orders that have already been shipped. 

How long will it take to receive my order? 
We ship out orders almost every business day, so it generally takes 1-2 business days for your order to ship.

After orders are shipped, it could take up to the following times (due to COVID):

  • US: 3 weeks 
  • Everywhere else: 3 months

Please do not contact me about your order until this period has ended. 

Please note that buyers are responsible for inputting the correct address and paying any extra fees, taxes or customs to get their order.

The tracking number says "Delivered", but I don't see my package. 

Please check with your neighbors and/or family members to see if it was delivered to the wrong address by mistake. Next, contact your local post office about the package. We cannot offer refunds or replacements without any confirmation that the order is damaged or lost.

What is your pin-grading policy?

My grading policy can be found here


Have more questions? Please contact me at support@tsuchronicl.com or dm me on Instagram/Twitter (@tsuchronicl)

Thank you for reading!