Preorder Policy

All preorders are guaranteed a standard pin that is ordered unless otherwise stated. 

If you are preordering an item from me, you have agreed to the following policy:

1. Any in stock items bought with preorders WILL NOT be shipped separately; they will be shipped together. I will hold those items for you until the preorder item has arrived. If you need these items immediately, please buy them separately from preorder items.

2. Unless the preorder item takes longer to ship than the given deadline, no refunds are given. 

3. I reserve the right to make small changes to the design to make the design easier to pin on manufactors (i.e. add some recess metal, change some small hair wisps, increase/decrease the size slightly etc.).

4. You may find a highlight named "preorder info" on my Instagram (@tsuchronicl) regarding any updates on preorders. I will only update on my Instagram stories.

5. If the necessary preorders for an item is not met by the given date in the listing, everyone will be refunded for that item. 

6. Any freebie pins given from preorders are ungraded. They will range between A-B grades (no seconds).

7. It is the buyer's responsibility to contact me with any address changes before I ship an item. After the item is marked as shipped, I do not have any control over where the package goes. 

8. It is the buyer's responsibilty to pay any taxes, VAT, customs, etc. on these pins. I legally need to fill out custom forms with the correct information and will not mark these items as a gift. If the buyer does not pay these and the item is returned to sender, there will be no refunds on shipping, but I can refund your pin order if you contact me. 

9. If you want to combine shipping, give me your order numbers, and excess shipping will be refunded after the preorders are shipped. Free shipping deals do not apply to combining shipping.